The Ossa process… sustainable.

The Bone Broth is Soil Association Organic approved
The Ossa process - We source bon ethat would otherwise have been waste


We use bones that could otherwise have been a waste product and incinerated, reducing our carbon footprint.

We cook the bones for up to 24 hours


We roast the bones then simmer them for up to 24 hours, using renewable energy where possible.

We enhance the broth with organic veg and ACV


We add apple cider vinegar (ACV) and fresh, wonky organic vegetables.

The Ossa process - We recycle


The boiled bones are anaerobically processed, producing gas which is fed back into the grid.

Bone Broth… a daily staple.

Cooking with The Bone Broth


An essential base to stocks, stews and soups. Or use to broil fresh vegetables.

Try a cup of broth in the morning


Heat up and drink neat for an every day alternative to coffee or tea. Try chilli for bite!

Enjoy Ossa Bone Broth in a smoothie


Add to a shake, juice or smoothie for a protein rich, refreshing and natural drink.

Ossa Organic’s The Bone Broth is my medicine when I need an immune boost – packed full of protein, minerals and vitamins. It is also slow cooked, retaining all the goodness.
Ryan Carter – @livevitae
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Passion & perseverance.

At Ossa Organic, we believe in the restorative, healing properties of natural food. We value organic ingredients and slow cooking techniques. Our range is based on tradition not trend.

Ossa Organic is run by a small, agile team. We are passionate about gut health and nutrition. We believe that wellbeing is linked to your gut, the second brain. By nourishing from the inside out, you can restore the integrity of the gut barrier and promote health and happy gut flora.

“ I am so proud of our story so far. We want to get gut health at the forefront of consumer thinking. We want people to feel empowered to choose Ossa and move away from processed food with preservatives and unnatural ingredients. We are market leaders in this gut health revolution and look forward to what is to come for Ossa.”

Catherine Farrant, Ossa Founder