Alternative to Tea or Coffee. Mineral Kick.

Check out why Bone Broth can provide you with your daily mineral kick and replace your morning tea or coffee forever…

Few things in this world can beat the simple joy of freshly brewed coffee aroma in the morning. It’s already part of so many people’s routine to grab a cup of hot cappuccino or maybe black tea on their way to work.

With so much adrenal stress today, why not alternate your caffeine kick and introduce the elixir that is bone broth into your morning routine.

Bone Broth is pure liquid gold which can provide you with a natural way to support your immune system and have more energy during the day! It is also compatible with the paleo diet, supports gut health and is another source of fuel for those of you who have learned of the benefits of fasting in the morning.

Why is caffeine not the healthiest option for your body?

Coffee tends to provide you with a false sense of energy, raises your blood sugar levels and then causes that well know crash. This energy slump causes you to reach for another cup of coffee or anything sugary to bring your sugar levels up again.

Relying on caffeine to keep us energetic can be an addictive cycle. Neither coffee nor black teas contain any minerals and vitamins or collagen and gelatin like its bone broth alternative.

Caffeine can also interfere with the absorption of some nutrients such as magnesium and calcium.

What makes Bone Broth better than your morning coffee?

Drinking bone broth regularly has numerous benefits for your body – from improved joint health to glowing skin and fewer colds. A morning cup of Ossa’s The Bone Broth can heal and soothe your digestive tract, improve your food allergies and nourish your adrenals.

The rich makeup of gelatin and collagen helps young children and adults with eczema and psoriasis. That is why it is not a surprise that more and more nutritionists, health coaches and beauty gurus all over the world are recommending the liquid gold. Bone broth is also the perfect adrenal support for pregnant or post-partum moms.

Di you know that people drinking bone broth for breakfast may find out that it keeps them surprisingly full. Broth can also help you recover from a morning workout. Keri Glassman, the founder of Nutriouslife, also points out to this phenomenon. She explains that “broth is light on the digestive system, and it replenishes electrolytes after an intense workout.” In contrast to caffeine, bone broth is also a healthy way to support your body in times of stress and challenges. Adding some “stimulating herbs” to your morning cup can reinforce its ability to provide you with some long-lasting energy. Did we convince you to replace your coffee maker with a simmering pot on the stove already?

mineral kick

Wake up to the Bone Broth mineral kick!

You can keep it as simple as sipping warm broth from your coffee mug in the morning. If you are feeling more adventurous, add it to your favourite smoothie, scrambled eggs or even oatmeal. Read about our 50 more innovative and delicious ways to include bone broth in your usual routine here.

Don’t worry if you are too busy to prepare an actual breakfast during the week, just pour some bone broth in a to-go coffee cup or thermos and enjoy it on your way to work. This latest trend has already been firmly set by New Yorkers. Celebrities such as Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys are often caught sipping bone broth at Knicks games. Even models during the New York fashion week were recently seen drinking cups of energizing bone broth instead of their usual Starbucks.

The mineral elixir has also become a frequent replacement of espresso and chai for the millions of Paleo diet followers all over the world. According to this trendy diet, any types of coffee, tea or dairy products cannot be consumed.

Health enthusiasts who attempted to drink bone broth every day for one week share that they felt full and strong from the inside out and their skin started glowing!

They not only began relying less on coffee and more on bone broth but also recommend everyone to regularly incorporate this healthy dose of minerals and nutrients into your diet! So what are you waiting for?

Give it a try tomorrow morning.