Gut Health & Pregnancy

You might have always wondered if there is a link between gut health and pregnancy.


Well, the answer is: there is! During pregnancy, your microbiome (also known as gut flora) is not only crucial for your health, but for your baby’s health as well.

Good gut health in expectant mothers provides the baby with access to a range of the nutrients available from the mother’s diet. On the contrary, if the gut is not healthy, then the nutrient absorption will be compromised. In turn, this means that the nutrients available for fetal development will also be restricted.


Peggy Emch in her book “Primal Moms” says that: “Supporting your body through pregnancy may be one of the most vital tasks for a woman in the lifetime.” If you want to help increase your skin elasticity and decrease stretch marks from the inside out, you need to increase collagen formation. How do you do this? By eating more collagen/ gelatin thus by incorporating Bone Broth into your prenatal diet.

The Bone Broth is the ultimate pregnancy supplement. Pregnant or post-partum mums need adrenal support and a morning cup of Ossa’s The Bone Broth will lift your spirits, build your immune system and nourish your adrenals. It provides many benefits not only to you but also to your body in building a child over the nine month period. The benefits of bone broth include :

–    Anti-stress and healing properties

–    Promote wound healing (which is great after childbirth)

–    Help improve sleep

–    Help fight free radical damage

–    Improve insulin sensitivity

–    Promote digestive health and reduce gut inflammation

–    Reduce joint pain


Expectant mums should include 1-4 cups per day in their diet. The beneficial effects of Bone Broth on your body will be immediate!