Ossa Organic Interview with Health Coach Ryan Martin

Our founder, Catherine Farrant, reveals why she started making bone broth and gives her favourite recipe in the Ossa Organic interview with Ryan Martin from the Revive Yourself Podcast.

In the interview with Ryan, Catherine tells the interesting story of how she discovered bone broth during her first pregnancy and how she would regularly prepare the liquid gold in their kitchen at home. It didn’t take them long to see the amazing nourishing effects of bone broth to their gut health, joints and skin!

The talk touches upon topics such as the positive effects of bone broth during pregnancy and post-partum. Catherine explains why the mineral-rich elixir supports a strong stamina and joints and prevents stretch marks. She also talks about the amazing ability of fish bone broth to help with hormonal imbalances and shares her favourite recipe.

Listen to the podcast here and find out more delicious recipes and innovative ways to use bone broth and tallow in your daily routine! Yes, you can even polish your Wellington boots with tallow, and it works perfectly!

Ryan Martin from the Revive Yourself Podcast

ossa organic interview

Ryan (Instagram: @ryan__martin__) is the creator of the Healing Health Paradigm™ which helps people recover from auto-immune disorders, skin conditions and weight management problems. At the age of 18, he was diagnosed with body toxicity and mercury accumulation. That motivated Ryan to become a nutritional therapist and holistic health coach. For the past eight years, he has been helping thousands of people resolve their health issues. Ryan has created a free guide, a podcast and webinars, in order to help his customers lead a happy life!

Sharing our views on traditional and organic foods, Ryan has already tried our bone broth and strongly recommends it.  He finds the Ossa Organic products of the highest quality and is currently promoting our range on his website!