Here are 4 hacks to prepare a nourishing kids dinner:

1)   Invest in a good collagen protein powder. We use Great Lakes collagen powder from grass fed cows. Available on Amazon

Pure, good quality collagen nourishes hair, skin, teeth and bones. It is like an instant botox and I drink it myself (2 scoops a day in my coffee or bone broth or with my noodles (see here – link to 3 top tips for adding bone broth to the family diet). I believe that very soon you will see our collagen peptides

2)   Soup it all up. Try a delicious and nutritious soup that is fortified with bone broth as an easy peasy dinner for the kids. Simply heat and serve with hot buttered sourdough toast or some of our bone broth fortified buttered rice (see recipe here).

3)   Beef them up with good fat. Avocado, butter, raw cream, coconut milk and cream are all staples for us as the good fats keep the kids full for longer and are far more beneficial than the empty calories in biscuits, crackers and corn or wheat based children’s snacks.

4)   Dessert, yes you heard me correctly! My two Mum friends and I make banana ice cream almost every weekend for our kids. It is simple and easy and is a great way to keep bananas that are about to turn. Peel and freeze very ripe bananas. Add 1-3 frozen bananas to a can of coconut cream, pinch of cinnamon and greek yoghurt (optional, add another can of organic coconut cream for the dairy-free version). Blend with a little filtered water if needed. Serve with small squares of dark chocolate or raw honey and berries and an extra drizzle of cream. This is filled with good fats and the magnesium in the banana calms the kids down before bedtime if you are using this as a bedtime pudding.