This dish is the perfect warming and nourishing twist on a classic noodle soup. With the asian inspired flavours of shiitake mushroom and the deep earthy flavour of our Organic Bone Broth. Slow cooked for 24 hours using only premium British bones and ingredients- all you need to do is boil your favourite noodles and ingredients to get all the flavour and nutrients –¬† it’s as simple as it is delicious.


One pouch The Bone Broth Chicken/Beef or Vegan

200g Dried Rice noodles

250g Mixed asian mushrooms, shiitake/oyster/enoki

1 Tbsp fish sauce

1 Tbsp Grass-fed Organic Ghee

Pink Himalayan salt

Spinach leaves

Boil one pouch of the Beef, Chicken OR Vegan Broth

Add dried rice noodles, fish sauce,  organic ghee and mushrooms, and simmer for 10 minutes

Add a pinch of pink himalayan salt

Chilli flakes and spinach leaves to serve – enjoy!