Thank you so much Donna @eightytwentynutrition for this festive recipe using The Tallow!

Recipe (serves 4)

500g brussel sprouts (chopped into quarters)

1/4 cup Ossa beef tallow

Pinch of rock salt

75g gluten free pork scratching (my recommendation is The Real Pork Crackling Co. which I buy from Sainsbury’s)

Handful of redcurrant berries (also from Sainsbury’s)

Blitz the pork scratching into a fine crumb in either a blender or processor

Heat the tallow in a large non-stick pan on a medium to high heat.

Once it is really hot add the chopped sprouts.

Leave for a few minutes in the pan without stirring or moving it.

After about 2 minutes give the pan a shake or gently stir (be careful not the break up the delicate outer leaf of the sprouts)

Leave to cook for 2 minutes, taste a sprout to see if it is cooked to preference (it should be soft but still crunchy).

Transfer to a serving bowl.

Before serving top with the pork crumb and redcurrant berries.