A guest post from Joe Thomas:

Surprisingly, a lot of the population is still confused about organic food and its superiority.

Organic food, be it plant of animal based, is anything that conforms to organic farming standards.

These vary worldwide of course, but in the United Kingdom they are set by organisation such as the Soil Association.

A study conducted by this association shows that half of the people buying organic food do it for:

  • the health benefits and lack of chemical residues,
  • while others do it to protect the environment and support animal welfare.

Apart from all the potential health benefits and nutritional value, the first thing that springs to mind when talking about locally grown organic fruit and vegetables is flavour.

Nothing tastes quite like strawberries bought at a Farmer’s market in June or Cox’s apples in October.

  • When grown organically, fruit and vegetables are only available at certain times of the year due to their natural cycle.
  • Eating seasonably ensures you get the most natural nutrient packed food that hasn’t required excess energy to grow which also happens to significantly improve the carbon footprint.

When it comes to choosing between a smaller free range chicken and a steroid fed monster I would choose the former every time.

  • Organic meat comes from freely reared, stress and chemical free animals which has an impact on taste, texture and health benefits.
  • Farmers let these animals develop naturally without the use of growth hormones which cannot be said for large scale meat farms.
  • The organic food standards cover meat quality, living conditions, use of antibiotics and hormones, transport and slaughter.

By choosing to buy organic meat you are actively helping animal welfare and getting the best produce available.

Organic food is sustainably farmed. This means resources are recycled to minimize waste.

Whenever you can, look out for the Organic certification on packaging.

Not only will this food be nutritious and flavoursome, it would help economy and environment in other countries.

We are all in this together after all!

Joe is a writer from the UK, who creates articles on a range of subjects, including health and nutrition, sustainability and environmental issues.