Top 5 Reasons to make Bone Broth your everyday staple

We’ve outlined why bone broth is so much more than a stock, but if you need more convincing here are some more big reasons why you should make bone broth a part of your everyday diet and what a good bone broth can do for you.

  1. Bone Broth can help with joint pain

Slow-cooked bones produce gelatine and collagen which are full of amino acids such as proline and glycine. These naturally occurring compounds are used by our bodies to build tissue and can help to help strengthen and support joint health.

According to research by the Department of Nutrition and Sports Nutrition for Athletics at Penn State University, when athletes added collagen to their diets over the course of 6 months, the majority showed a significant improvement in joint comfort and a decrease in the negative impacts of athletic performance such as muscle and joint pain.

  1. Bone Broth can act as a sealant for a leaky gut

Studies have also shown that gelatine is beneficial for restoring the strength of the gut lining and fighting food allergies, such as sensitivity to grain, wheat and diary.  It also helps encourage the growth of good bacteria in the gut, which in turn  helps to maintain healthy inflammation levels in the digestive tract. Gelatine effectively supports intestinal health and integrity according to a report published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology

  1. Bone Broth can promote healthy skin, hair and nails

The collagen, glycine and minerals like calcium and magnesium found in bone broth aren’t only great for your gut health but can also help make skin more supple, and have even been boasted to reverse signs of ageing like wrinkles. Collagen is one of the nutritional powerhouses found in  bone broth that is a structural protein and one of the reasons gut health specialists like Dr Kelly Ann swear by the elixir. Dr Kelly Ann says that not only can it help with elasticity of the skin but it also  keeps you fuller for longer it also stops you from snacking on junk and fast food that also contribute to ageing and poor skin.

  1. Bone Broth can support a strong immune system

Filled with collagen/gelatine and the amino acids proline, glutamine and arginine, bone broth can help seal the gut lining and support gut integrity. Rather than attacking healthy cells that are compromised by a leaky gut, bone broth helps to maintain healthy inflammation levels and normal immune system function.

  1. Bone broth can be a great source of energy

The glycine and magnesium in bone broth can help promote well rested sleep which in turn leaves you more rejuvenated and refreshed in the morning. Furthermore with a sealed and healthy gut you absorb more nutrients from you food, helping to boost energy during the day and support a healthy mood.

The best bone broths come from the best ingredients, that is why it is important to make sure your bone broth is slow cooked for the longest time possible, with only premium ingredients, organic and locally sourced where possible.

Our range of bone broths are all slow cooked for up to 24 hours using premium organic vegetables and grass fed and free range bones from British farms… it’s a #gutfeeling