50 Ways to Use Bone Broth


According to the words of the legendary chef Auguste Escoffier “Indeed, stock is everything in cooking. Without it, nothing can be done.” That is just one popular way to use Bone Broth in your meals!


Here some more innovative and absolutely delicious ways to add Bone Broth to your everyday diet:

1. Use it instead of stock cubes – as we said, this one might be obvious, but Bone Broth is much healthier and turns your soup into a healing and nourishing meal!

2. Just sip on a mug of warm broth – you can keep it that simple or just add your favourite spices to get a richer flavour.

3. In a glaze – use Bone Broth as a flavouring agent and add a little bit to your usual recipe.

4. A perfect base for stews – Broth enhances your dishes with valuable nutrients for the whole family! Check out our all-time favourite Ossa recipe – Jack’s stew!

5. A key source of nutrition for teething babies – they often lose appetite and can benefit from the multitude of vitamins and minerals in liquid form.

6. A morning coffee replacement – in contrast to caffeine, drinking Bone Broth can actually support your immune system in times of intense work or stress.

broup, bone broth

7. Try it cold – Bone Broth is a perfect addition to your summer chilled soups and especially gazpacho. Or make yourself a Broup!

8. For gourmet cooking endeavours – although Broth is a staple ingredient suitable for day to day use, this elixir can also turn your gourmet meal into a masterpiece!

9. Use in dips – using Bone Broth in your next homemade hummus or pumpkin dip will give them a unique twist!

10. Pre-workout routine – add it to green juice and give yourself an energy kick!

11. Post training recovery – add Broth to your smoothies to help you recover quicker.

12. Alternative for babies and children – it’s always a healthy option to switch to Bone Broth if your children are dairy and or soy intolerant.

13. Ingredient for your Asian-style soups – adds depth of flavour to your sweet or savoury coconut soups.

14. Freeze your broth – use the Broth ice cubes for a convenient way to enhance daily dishes.

15. In gravy – enhance your gravy with a delicious ingredient which is also collagen-rich and beneficial for your health.

16. Make cauliflower rice with it – add flavour and nutrients to this already rich in vitamins C, K and B trendy paleo dish.

17. In a mayonnaise – add some dehydrated Bone Broth powder or a splash of liquid one to make it even more delicious!

18. As an addition to your mashed potatoes – simply add half a cup of Bone Broth to it and make it not only tastier, but also extra healthy.

19. Cook rice in Bone Broth – gives it a unique rich flavour and lots of minerals for a happy and healthy gut.

20. With scrambled eggs – who doesn’t like a tasty and healing breakfast?

21. In a marinade – Bone Broth packs your meal with nutrients and is suitable for both meat and vegetable marinades.

22. Use in pâté – Bone Broth is the perfect addition to some homemade liver pâté, so you should give it a try!

23. With poached eggs – a new way to add a twist to this breakfast classic.

24. In a tomato sauce – add some Bone Broth to enhance its taste and serve with zucchini noodles. A healthy and absolutely delicious combination!

25. In a smoothie – some extra gut healing amino acids in addition to the vitamins and proteins in your healthy drink by simply adding a few cubes of frozen Broth.  Moreover, there is no difference in the taste of your usual smoothie!

26. Use it in braised meat dishes – pulled pork, shredded beef or short ribs… Bone Broth is the perfect way to braise any type of meat and make it delicious!

27. For cream soups – no need to use milk nor its substitutes to achieve a nice and creamy texture.

28. To fight eczema and psoriasis – the regular intake of Bone Broth which is rich in gelatine and collagen has proven successful in helping young children and adults to fight such diseases.

29. In a cashew nut cheese – substitute the olive oil for Broth and see what happens!

30. A base for a number of Hypoallergenic Infant Formulas recipes – now you can prepare the formulas for your child completely by yourself.

31. The ultimate pregnancy supplement – to help increase your skin elasticity and decrease stretch marks from your pregnancy!

32. A substitute to juice and an addition to water for your baby – to keep it nourished and hydrated at all times.

33. To dilute your baby’s pureed veggies – use Bone Broth instead of water and make them richer in nutrients.

34. To mix in with your vegetables – steam or sauté your veggies in Broth as they will fully absorb its healthy nutrients and delicious taste!

35. Dehydrated Bone Broth – if you feel enthusiastic, you can even make your own bouillon powder!

36. Cook pasta in Bone Broth – you might enjoy the rich taste so much that you even decide to skip the sauce this time! Who knows?

37. Use in sauces – if you are a sauce-lover, however, try substituting the milk in your white or cheese sauce with some Bone Broth – healthy and absolutely delicious!

38. Cook quinoa in Broth – enhances this superfood with an extra mineral kick.

39. In a stuffing – a perfect gut friendly alternative to your grain turkey stuffing is the paleo version and Bone Broth is a vital part of it. You can try out this innovative recipe from Eat Beautiful!

40. An addition to your coffee creamer – add a small amount to any raw, grass-fed or non-dairy cream.

41. In a salad dressing – a Caprese salad with Bone Broth Lemon Vinaigrette is our personal favourite!

42. Save the fat from your Bone Broth – it’s a wonderful source of animal fat which helps us to sustain our energy levels. Moreover, it’s suitable for high heat cooking!

43. In ramen – add some healthy nutrients and turn your meal into a special and healing elixir!

44. A treat for your cat or dog – a meal full of minerals! Moreover, so delicious that your favourite pet will simply love!

45. In smoothie bowls – just like in smoothies, the taste of Broth is very subtle so you can’t feel anything but its wonderful nutritious power!

46. Brothsicles – yes, Bone Broth can also be used in your favourite popsicles! One seriously healthy frozen summer treat which both kids and adults will fall in love with!

brothsicles, bone broth

47. In an iced coffee – there is nothing better than a big glass of Bone Broth and matcha iced latte on a hot summer day!

48. Use Bone Broth in your vegetable-based stews – now you can benefit from the nutritious power of broth even if you are a vegetarian or pescatarian.

49. In jams – a sweet and savoury onion jam in a burger brings a special twist to your taste buds!

50. Bone Broth cocktails – we know it sounds rather strange and unusual, but you should definitely try to add a little bit in your next Bloody Mary and see the result for yourself!