At Ossa we believe in the restorative, healing properties of premium bone broth.

The Bone Broth can act as a base from which to build a diet that encourages healing and restoration from modern ailments such as adrenal fatigue, stress, lack lustre skin and tight joints.

Our range of broths are made of only the highest quality bones, filtered water and organic vegetables.

We value a slow traditional cooking method which can extract nutrients such as collagen, amino acids, calcium, gelatine, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium.

The Bone Broth contains no additives or MSG, is cooked in stainless steel pots to prevent leaching, and our pouches are BPA free.

“Michael, my husband, and I have worked in partnership over the past three years to launch Ossa and our first range of products ‘The Bone Broth’, and are over the moon that Planet Organic are our first stockist. We wanted to ensure all the principles from our own family kitchen were brought to this our first of hopefully many ranges. We believe in the power of natural foods, that are organic where possible and of the highest quality.

We discovered bone broth during my pregnancy with our first child Jack in 2012, and it has made a huge difference to our lives and health. It plays a big part in our day to day family routine, and I also swear by the part it played in my pregnancy and healing post delivery with my joints feeling supple, I had no stretch marks, clear skin and a strong stamina. I was able to work out gently and walk daily up until the day I delivered. My skin glowed and on the whole I felt like super woman! I am now pregnant with my second baby too.”

Catherine Farrant, Ossa Founder. Sep 2015.

Slow Food supporter 2017