Our Mission Statement and Why you Should Do it too

Our Company Mission Statement:

Inspiring gut healing and digestive health for your body by bringing you real food, organically grown, traditionally prepared and lovingly consumed.

When we heard about bcorp – I knew I wanted that for Ossa. Being only 15 months old at the time, it made it an easier but not at all easy process. Yes, we were more agile and able to show our simple process was sustainable across the board, that we cared and even helped the environment in waste reduction and recylcling, amongst other thing.  It was bcorp that encouraged me to sit down and think about what Ossa Organic was achielding and wanted to achieve.

 It is as important for your life, sit down and think about your mission statement and see what you come up with.

 Mission Statement:

At Ossa we believe in the restorative, healing properties of natural food. We are first kind to our planet and in turn are richly rewarded. We treat our environment with respect, avoiding harsh chemicals. We honour tradition and learn from it, aiming to re-educate man as to the power of natural and ancient traditions. We believe in using real food, natural products and gentle process to lower toxic load. We believe by nourishing ourselves from the inside out, the reward will be cyclical and greater than we ever imagined.