Overcoming Anxiety and Stress Through Nutrition: A talk with Sara Jackson

Have you always wondered if food could be a way of overcoming anxiety? Do you have a busy lifestyle? Little time to prepare healthy meals and wonder how you can combine healthy eating with a busy life?

Now you have the opportunity to get all of these questions answered!

Ellevate Network will be hosting a talk about overcoming anxiety and stress through nutrition with leading London-based naturopath and nutritionist, Sara Jackson. Sara is an inspiring mum of two, who managed to fully recover from Stage 2 Cervical Cancer by using complementary therapies alongside conventional medicines!

Overcoming Anxiety

About the talk

The talk will focus on ways of overcoming anxiety and stress through nutrition as well as the means to boost your immune system and clear up your diet. Sara will share her health advice which you can customise depending on your lifestyle and your budget. Sara embraces traditional health science with natural holistic therapies. She shares Ossa’s beliefs in the restorative, healing properties of natural food. Therefore, Sara will touch upon the topic of gut health and the benefits of bone broth during the talk. She recommends bone broth because “it contains a unique combination of amino acids, collagen, gelatine and powerful minerals. These can boost nutrient absorption, reduce digestive complaints and overall boost the immune system.”

The talk will also touch upon self-care, how to improve emotional health, and the top 5 mood foods. Sara says that “we can use good mood foods to try to dampen down the symptoms of anxiety. We can also use the right combination of foods alongside some very powerful herbs to support those suffering anxiety.” She also adds that she will introduce some “important lifestyle measures such as meditation, breathing exercises and mindfulness. They are proven ways to help us manage stress and the ways we experience anxiety.”

Ossa Organic is one of the sponsors of the event. You will receive pouches of our delicious Bone Broth as part of the goody bags specially prepared for you!

All of the proceeds of the talk will go to Women for Women International. They are a charity that helps women survivors of war rebuild their lives in countries like Iraq, South Sudan and Kosovo. Their year-long international programme helps women to actively participate in their communities and regain confidence by learning a marketable job skill.


This event will take place in London on the 17th of July. If you are interested in attending the event, go ahead and purchase your tickets before the 16th of July!