Many of us don’t realise that behind the hero that is bone broth, it the sometimes, even more beneficial, Fish Bone Broth.

As you know I am a huge fan of Weston. A. Price and the Ossa Fish Bone Broth recipe is based on the findings of the Nourishing Traditions book.

I founded Ossa with the idea of reinvigorating natural and wise traditions, allowing us to remember what worked so well for centuries and then use it in our modern lives.

Traditions states that a good fish broth can “make a boy into a man” and can help a woman in labour.

“Fish broth will cure anything,” says a Proverb from South America.

Ossa uses only wild caught and sustainable fish bones in our broth, allowing you to benefit from all the goodness in wild fish. It is also sustainable and waste reducing for our planet, making use of the carcus and bones of animals that would otherwise go to waste.

Today, so many of us feel out of balance and stressed and a lot of this links back to our thyroid. The Fish bone broth is packed full of thyroid balancing nutrients and iodine which can regulate hypothyroidism, act as a brain food for mental function and help treat goiters and brain health.

Add a pouch of the bone broth to your family meals once or twice a week. I provides a wonderful mix of amino acids, fats, vitamins, and minerals. See a simple one pot wonder recipe here:

Fish bone broth and coconut milk or cream are hugely complimentary to create a base for your own home made Pho too.

We are all inspired to eat more fish and making a curry, fish soup or asian noodle dish can jazz up your weekly meal plan and rev up your brain function, energy and balance.

What can fish broth do for you:

  • Excellent source of minerals for vegetarians as an alternative to bone broth
  • Full of calcium for bones and teeth
  • Strong source of gelatin
  • Brain food
  • Full of omega 3 fatty acids in their best form

Bayley and Sage have just introduced the Fish broth along with Chicken and beef to their Parsons Green and Wimbledon stores.