Something I see quite a bit online and often over hear in supermarket aisles is ‘can’t I just buy some stock?’

Broth (often labelled stock) relies on high temperature, fast cooking techniques, which results in a watered down, non – gelling liquid; this means missing out on a lot of the benefits of a gelatine-rich broth.

In addition, unnatural additives (like MSG) and flavors are often added, including a heap of table salt. If you just need a small amount of stock for a recipe, stock will  definitely do the trick, but if you’re interested in the healing properties of food then you need to make sure it is organic Bone Broth. 

To get the most benefits out of Bone Broth it is important to make sure that you are using the highest quality ingredients, organic, grass fed or free-range if possible and slow-cooked for as long as possible (24 hours at least) to make sure that the maximum nutrients, including gelatine is leached from the bones.

When it comes to Bone Broth you definitely get out what you put it, so if you are using sub par ingredients you aren’t going to get the maximum nutrients or benefits for your body. 

Another process involved in making a good Bone Broth is roasting the bones prior to boiling, this is called the ‘malliard reaction.’ Whilst this does not affect the nutrient profile in any way it helps to create a richer flavour and depth of colour to the Bone Broth. This depth of flavour means that it naturally needs less salt, reducing your sodium intake. Without the overwhelming taste of salt often found in many stocks Bone Broth makes for a warming and nourishing broth that can even be enjoyed on its own in a mug.

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