The Tallow has arrived and we at Ossa could not be more proud!

With more and more consumers turning away from genetically modified seed oils, people are looking for a traditional cooking oil that is stable at high heat and non-toxic.

This savvy consumer is also expecting restaurants to start cooking with tallow and to move away from using cooking oils that release free radicals at high temperatures.

How do I use The Tallow?

The Tallow by Ossa - How to Use

Following in line with The Bone Broth, The Tallow is the first of its kind to hit supermarket shelves in the UK.

It is 100% natural and has been rendered in the traditional way from grass fed and organic beef suet.

Every household should have a jar of The Tallow next to the coconut oil and the grass fed butter.


The Tallow is ideal for high heat cooking as It remains stable with a high smoke point of over 200 degrees celsius. This stops the generation of any free radicals.

The Tallow creates strong bones and is full of vitamin D. It is also rich in CLA and Omega-3’s making it an excellent source of clean, natural and non-toxic energy for the body.

The Tallow is wonderful “skin food” and can be used on dry lips, cracked skin and on babies as it is truly 100% natural. Use on face and body for supple and soft skin.

It will be available in 265g jars or wholesale from 15th February 2016.